Research findings on sexual bribery

For several years and across at least four separate projects, CEJ has advocated for corruption-free public services and the enforcement of zero-tolerance for sexual bribery in Sri Lanka.
CEJ’s past and ongoing research shows that requests for a sexual bribe are relatively common and underreported. Most recently, CEJ undertook a study from 2021- 2022 that focused on women and LGBTQI persons in Sri Lanka with an emphasis on the health and justice sectors. The qualitative research study included 19 in-depth interviews and 5 focus group discussions with victim-survivors from the Central, Western, Uva, Southern, and Sabaragamuwa provinces; and 12 interviews with key informants in the justice and health sectors at the national and regional levels.

The study explored the incidence, nature, and contributing factors to sexual bribery in the local context. The report uncovers valuable information about the type of perpetrators, methods used, and reasons given for sexual demands. It also explores individuals’ responses to these demands and the impact they had on victim-survivors, their families, and their communities. The report concludes with recommendations to reduce and eliminate sexual bribery, including a section with victim-survivors opinions on remedies.

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