Who we are

The Centre for Equality and Justice (CEJ) is a women’s organization based in Colombo working primarily on the rights of war affected women from the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation. CEJ engages with policy makers, government officers and strengthens grassroots level women’s capacities to claim their rights.

Our Mission

CEJ’s mission is the achievement of gender justice so that men and women live in a society that is free, just and equal. This will be achieved by promoting gender equality, by advancing the rule of law, good governance and democratic principles, promoting women’s advancement and economic empowerment, advocating for the commitment to international human rights standards and by fostering partnerships with grassroots level women’s networks.

Our History

Centre for Equality and Justice (CEJ) was established as a company limited by guarantee in late 2017. CEJ is a not for profit local women’s organization based in Colombo. The CEJ staff are all former staff of FOKUS WOMEN, the Country Office in Sri Lanka established in 2012 by FOKUS, Forum for Women and Development, a women’s organization based in Oslo.

Key Thematic Areas:

The Centre for Equality and Justice working in partnership with women and youth networks at the grass roots level is committed to promoting gender equality through women’s advancement and economic empowerment. Further, we are committed to achieving rule of law, good governance and democracy in accordance with international human rights standards.

Focus Areas:

  • Research and Advocacy.
  • Law and Policy reform.
  • Awareness Programs.
  • Community engagement and capacity building.
  • Gender Based Violence.
  • Women’s Socio Economic and Cultural Rights.
  • Women’s Civil and Political Rights.
  • Women, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation.
  • Women in Decision Making.
  • Rights of under represented groups (Disability, LGBTIQ, Plantation Women).
  • Private Sector Engagement.
  • Youth Engagement.
  • Media Campaigns.