Sexual bribery is a form of corruption in which someone in a position of power, like a public official (e.g., Grama Niladhari, Police Officer, Samurdhi Officer, Judge, etc.), demands or implies that sexual acts are required to provide entitled services or benefits. Globally, sexual bribery is underreported due to a lack of understanding and research. In Sri Lanka, CEJ’s completed and ongoing research shows that many individuals, especially women, female heads of households, and LGBTQI persons encounter sexual bribery when accessing public services. Denial of such services is a violation of their socio-economic, civil, and political rights.

This page houses resources on sexual bribery in Sri Lanka – including its forms, prevalence, and impact – provides information on ongoing lobby efforts to reform laws and policies, and offers tools to advocate and take action to build safer communities free of sexual violence. We can end sexual bribery by encouraging corruption-free services and enforcing zero-tolerance for sexual bribery, starting with the public sector, because your rights have #NoConditions.


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